Workshop - Take the next steps to improve your relationships.

At work or at home, your behaviours will determine the type of relationships you get in return.

We will discuss and practice around:

TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (TA), the central concept is ‘OK-ness’.

We are all born OK and events in life cause us to deviate from this OK position. Events in life are the environment we evolve in. In TA, the personal narrative we hold of the world around us is called a script.

This script drives our behaviours, attitudes, emotions therefore our sense of being OK or not.

The workshop establishes how to write the right narrative of the script to stay in the “OK-ness”.

£400 per person for individuals.

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Workshop: Take the next steps to increase your Wellbeing resilience, Body & Soul fit.

Different topics around Wellbeing will be developed in September :
Emotions - addressing & controlling them.
3 Pillars of Wellbeing (self-respect, self-esteem, personal pride).
Zero f*ck given about what people think.
Adopting healthy habits - overcome the challenges.
3.30 hours workshop in-person.
Maximum 12 persons.
Central London location.
Dates TBC from September 2023, on Wednesday or Saturday.
£400 per person for individuals.