My life has been paved by working for and with people by my choices at work or in my personal life.

Rich for multi-cultural experiences, I have lived and work in 3 different countries.

Those past 10 years have been dedicated to support people to reach the best version of themselves.

I volunteered, I studied, I worked in those fields with great success and fulfilment.

While choosing your coach, I will recommend you to do your research to evaluate if your objectives match with the values of the coach. You need to feel confortable with the approach and the coaching values.

Please do a search on my LinkedIn to see what people say about me, my different achievements and engagement.

There is no science behind my executive or life coaching.

I practice an approach based on my education as a Certified Coach from the University of Cambridge.

I apply my established experience in the field of organisational performance and development.

The very personal touch is my wellbeing warrior attitude.

Corporate wellness, wellbeing at home are my life goals and cornerstones of my practice.